Tailored Recruitment Services to Fit Your Needs

QJumpers can offer you Recruitment Support in a number of different areas. Often these relate to your recruitment process, choosing where to advertise, how to write a job ad or management of an employee or employees. Our Recruitment Consultants are able to work with you to determine your needs and provide you with a suitable solution. While some of the areas we assist with are below, you can call us with any specific needs.

Assessments and Psychometric Profiling

QJumpers works with Talegent and Extended DISC profiling systems. Let us know what you want to know and we will find one that meets your needs. We’ll also explain what the results mean. We’re qualified to do that too.

Ministry of Justice Checks

We’ve built this into our software. If you need one, just click a button within your job vacancy on QJumpers and we’ll organise everything. Hassle gone.

Reference Checks

This is built into our recruitment software too. Our Consultants can check the performance history of prospective candidates and gain an insight to how they fit into an organisation. We will verify behaviours (and skills if required) in the workplace and then provide you with valuable information from your applicants' referees. Our consultants are experienced in asking the RIGHT questions and really listening to what the referees say. Let us help you put a team together that works for you.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions are an essential part of any organisation. We can assist with writing or reviewing your position descriptions to make sure that you recruit the right candidate and have clear expectations of your employee - even in ways that can motivate them.

Our HR Specialists

We have a team of HR Specialists to assist with your recruitment and HR requirements. You can rest assured that your vacancy is being reviewed by experienced and skilled professionals who have a background in recruitment and human resources. They will stay in regular contact with you throughout the filtering process to ensure your recruitment needs are met.

Annette Weatherall

Lead Consultant
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Kathryn Stewart

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Erin Knightbridge

HR and Customer Support