Filter $299 + GST and Advertising

What does the Filter recruitment service include?

Let QJumpers sort through your job applicants. No more wasting time on unsuitable candidates.

The perfect service when you want to create your own Shortlist, but not waste time sorting through profiles that clearly don’t match your needs.

Provide us with 3 key criteria you wish your job applicants to have (skills, experience, qualifications, etc), and an experienced QJumpers Recruitment Consultant will manually screen them all. That’s right – a person, not a computer. Go figure…

Candidates that meet your minimum criteria will be added into your online QJumpers account. The others will be put into your declined area where you can still take a look if you like.

Then it’s over to you. Use our intuitive recruitment software to communicate, shortlist, interview and decline your applicants. Too easy.

Only $299* plus advertising costs.

Our HR Specialists

We have a team of HR Specialists that assist us with your Filter. You can rest assured that your vacancy is being reviewed by experienced and skilled professionals who have a background in recruitment and human resources. They will stay in regular contact with you throughout the filtering process to ensure your recruitment needs are met.

Annette Weatherall

Lead Consultant
Kathryn photo

Kathryn Stewart

Erin photo

Erin Knightbridge

HR and Customer Support